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Digital Editor, Aperture

Selection of works as digital editor at Aperture, producing content for aperture.org

Managing editor of Introducing series

The Photographer Searching for Freedom in Palestine

Photographs by Adam Rouhana, Text by Will Matsuda

Jade Thiraswas’s Sensitive Chronicle of Pride and Mourning in the American South

Photographs by Jade Thiraswas, Text by Jordan Amirkhani

A Photographer’s Desire to Change How She Sees the World

Photographs by Annabelle DeClement, Text by Coralie Kraft

A Photographer Casts Her Parents in a Story about Intimacy

Photographs by Ashley Markle, Text by Coralie Kraft

The Radiant Intimacy of Jarod Lew’s Family Portraits

Photographs by Jarod Lew, Text by Phoebe Chen


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